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Thank You for Sponsoring the Training of the First 10 Certified Competent Crisis Responders of the SPNFamily Network

14 August 2016

In the last several months, the Random Acts and IMAlive Teams have been working together to recruit, screen and then train the new generation of Crisis Responders to support the fans and families of Supernatural and others in crisis around the globe.  Thanks to the new Front End Screening System...

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Kim & Briana's Wayward AF Campaign - A Letter to the Wayward

31 May 2016

"Wayward: To be off the established path; lost" Some of us didn't have a choice. Maybe we couldn't keep up or didn't find the road markers. Others left on purpose, deciding the mindless status quo wasn't a destination we desired or noticed something shiny in a different direction we just...

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Kim Rhodes: Wayward Daughters Campaign

04 December 2015

An excerpt from Kim Rhodes blog A Round For All My Girls The first memory I have of my sister is being told to be gentle with my Mommy's tummy or I'd hurt the baby. This seemed both illogical and utterly unfair. I mean, here was my mother, lying...

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Creation Stands with Osric Chau: Holiday Campaign

05 November 2015

An Interview with Osric Chau, who plays Kevin on Supernatural. Click to See Osric's Holiday Campaign What was your favorite part of playing Kevin on Supernatural? To have never been bored of Kevin. I get bored really easy and playing the same character in and out would probably eventually wear on...

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Creation Stands with William Shatner & the Hollywood Charity Horseshow

06 October 2015

We caught up with William Shatner to learn more about the Hollywood Charity Horseshow: Why did you decide to start the Hollywood Charity Horseshow? So many years ago I saw a thalidomide baby, nor arms, one leg, and between the toes of that one leg, she was clutching the reins...

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